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Welcome to Clone Club

I don’t really know how many of you out there like to read about the TV shows I find with LGBT characters on them, but I have a new obsession, so I thought I’d share πŸ™‚ I know I like to get new ideas, so what the heck?

What have I been obsessing about now?


Orphan Black*!! If you know this show, you’ll know I am late to the game a bit since it aired last year. D* and I have been binge watching it On Demand, and the new season starts on April 19th – so this is actually perfect timing!

Oh my goodness, do I love this show or what?! I won’t give away too much of the storyline, but basically it starts out with Sarah Manning:

This is Sarah

This is Sarah (and she has an English accent – swoon πŸ˜‰ )

She witnesses a woman jumping to her death in the first scene of the show. Before the woman jumps, they lock eyes and Sarah realizes the woman looks just like her:

This is Beth

This is Beth (well, sort of)

Since the woman (Beth Childs) is dead, Sarah, who’s been down on her luck, steals her purse and her identity. I won’t tell you what it is that Beth does for a living, since that was a great twist to me, but I will tell you that there are others. Many others who look just like Sarah:


Why?Β  Because they are clones! Okay, I know, you are probably thinking this is the silliest storyline, but let me tell you, I am HOOKED! One actress (Tatiana Maslany) plays 8 characters! She does it so well, you know who they are right away in each scene, even when they are talking to each other – she is AH-MAZING!! I can’t say enough good things about this show.

Oh, and one part that doesn’t hurt at all:

This is Cosima

This is Cosima

Cosima. Cosima is the geeky scientist of the group, and I have no idea why she is the one I am most attracted to, but her character is a lesbian. My gaydar could just be dinging overtime, but I almost always love the geeks. πŸ˜‰

I am so glad they included a lesbian character. It was a little bit of a shock because there was no indication, but then again, that’s the amazing thing about it! They don’t treat it like it’s something unusual or anything. It’s just a normal thing. I love that so much!

In conclusion, if you are looking for something that is action-packed, will keep you on your toes, has excellent acting, and a little lady-loving – then you must see this show!! You won’t regret it!

* If D is watching this with me, you KNOW it’s good! She won’t watch a lot of my favorites. 😦

** I don’t know why I am so attracted to Sci-fi shows right now: The Walking Dead, Lost Girl, and now Orphan Black. I’ve never liked Sci-Fi before, but these three shows are my top three favorite shows of all time! I must also love Canadians because Lost Girl and Orphan Black both are from Canada!


I am such a Lez

Hello everyone! I have been absent around these parts due to work, and then the first of our 2 staycations this summer. So basically it was work, work, work and then being outside in my pool for a solid week πŸ˜‰ I hope all the Americans out there had a great 4th of July!

I found a new favorite TV show. The problem is we are almost done with the whole first season and the next one isn’t coming out for a long while 😦 So what is it? Orange is the New Black. It’s a Netflix Original Series based on a true story and Oh – My- God I am in lurrvvee!!

The basic storyline is this: Piper Chapman is sentenced to 15 months in jail for smuggling a suitcase of drug money for her lesbian lover 10 years ago. She is in a relationship with a man, which originally ticked me off, but don’t worry, you would not be disappointed if you gave this show a chance! It turns out that lesbian lover is in the same jail! The lead actresses are HOT and the scenes between them will make your TV smoke. There are only 13 episodes and we just finished episode 12 last night 😦

If you have been a long-time reader, you will know that I come on here once in a while and talk about my favorite lesbian TV. I have talked about: The L Word, South of Nowhere, Skins, Lip Service, Lost Girl, and now Orange is the New Black. All of these shows have had gorgeous femme leads. Now, I am known to think a lot of butch women are hot, but you show me a femme kissing another femme and I am drooling!

You would think, having watched all of these shows in their entirety (some more than once) that that’s all I do! But alas, it isn’t. I work full time at the job I have been at for 12 and a 1/2 years. D and I try to spend a lot of our time active and outdoors (at least in the summer).

Oh if I could only make a living watching lesbian TV and reading lesbian novels all day long! Now that would be the dream life! I’m such a lez!

How to Tell You’re Addicted

I get addicted easily. To what you might ask?

  • Cigarettes? Nope – only tried them a few times, and didn’t like them much (except when my friend I had a crush on in high school took a drag and then blew it into my mouth very seductively πŸ˜‰ ).
  • Alcohol? No again. In my early 20’s I used to drink with friends, but it got old, and I much prefer having control over my body.
  • Drugs? No way! Would never touch the stuff!
  • Sex? No. I love sex – don’t get me wrong – but I am not addicted.

So what is it? Television. There, I said it. There first step to overcoming something is to admit you have a problem! (not that I would ever want to overcome this addiction).

This is what happens: D gets busy with studying and taking classes toward her degree, and I am left with a lot of alone time. In some ways I don’t mind this, but I do miss my wifey 😦

A few years ago she was taking her first classes and Big D was busy isolating himself from the world and being a moody teenager (thankfully he grew out of that!), so I stumbled upon Skins UK. I immediately fell in love with it and watched it over and over for months. Sadly, there were only two seasons I was interested in, so that addiction faded. I still watch it again from time to time, but I am pretty much over it.

I mentioned a few posts back about my new addiction: Lost Girl. I am very heavily addicted to this show! I can’t stop watching it! Season 3 is airing now, but seasons one and two are on Netflix and I am obsessed! Here is how I know I am addicted:

  • I have watched seasons one and two almost 3 times all the way through (that’s roughly 35 episodes)
  • I bring my Kindle Fire to work so that I can watch my favorite episodes and scenes over again (It’s making me fat since I should be walking during my lunch break πŸ˜‰ )
  • I am dying to watch all the season 3 episodes again, but stupid Com*cast deletes them off of On Demand after a few weeks
  • All I can think about on Tuesdays is that I can watch the new episode that night on the DVR
  • The season finale is in 2 weeks (no episode next week – how will I survive??) and then I am not sure what I will do. Hopefully season 3 eps will be added to Netflix soon! Thank maude they have been picked up for season 4!!!

Okay, so some of this is in jest – I do have a life outside of Lost Girl – but I can honestly say that this show is the best written and acted show I have seen in a very long time. I know I mentioned it before in a post, but I am serious that you need to see this show!

I mean, how could you see this and not want to watch:


The girl on girl action is only one part of why I love this show so very much, but OMG, how can you not think that’s hot?? And that’s just the new character they added this season: Tamsin.Β  Tamsin is HOTT!!

But the best reason to watch Lost Girl is the storyline about Lauren and Bo’s relationship. It’s so genuine, soft and loving. It is by far, the best portrayed story of two women in love that I have ever seen on TV. It tops all the big guns: The L Word, South of Nowhere, even my beloved Lip Service. They don’t portray it for just the sex. It’s about the love between the two. (Yes, I know the gif above is of Bo kissing another girl, but if you watched, you would see why and how it totally fit that scene.)

Can you tell I am bored at work?? LMAO! Thankfully the day is almost over – I am having LG withdrawals πŸ˜‰ (just kidding)

Life, outside of my LG addiction, is going well. Really well in fact, which is why all I have to write about is TV. My brothers came to visit this past weekend – for the first time since my parents moved – and it was awesome! We had some drinks (my first in about a year) and just gabbed all night about our parents’ situation and we are all on the same page. We played some basketball and ate dinner together. It felt good to relate to my brothers and my sister-in-law. I have felt like I have no family for several months (besides D and Big D) so it was nice and we will do it again πŸ™‚

So what about you? What’s your addiction?

My New Addiction

During the fall and spring, while D is busy taking classes and doing homework, I have to find things to keep myself busy. I am a huge movie nut and TV fan. In fact, I got my degree in Mass Media Communication so I could make TV or movies. Alas, it didn’t work out that way, but I am very happy where my life has taken me.

I have talked before about my obsession with TV shows that have lesbian characters. It doesn’t matter how old the characters are, it’s about seeing representation of myself through them. First it was The L Word, then South of Nowhere, then Skins UK (series 3 and 4), and now there is Lost Girl.

Oh.M.Gee! I had heard of this show here and there, but thought I wouldn’t be interested because it’s SciFi. Man was I wrong! I found it on Netflix last week, and have now watched all of the first season, half or the second, and even a few from the current season. It is honestly one of the best shows I have seen in a long time! It airs on the SyFy channel, so that’s even better because we get that channel, and I don’t have to wait for new seasons to make their way to Netflix πŸ™‚ (I’m a geek, I know!)

The storyline is this: Bo is a Succubus. A Succubus is someone who feeds off the sexual energy of other people.


This is Bo *swoon*

She doesn’t know that’s what she is in the beginning. She just knows that she can kill people by kissing them. She doesn’t want to kill them, but has no idea what was happeningΒ  – until she meets a group of Fae. They teach her all about what it means to be what she is.

There are two groups of Fae, the Light and the Dark (naturally).Β  Bo decides she doesn’t want to be chained to either group. This does her well, as she can associate with both and doesn’t have to discriminate. She ends up becoming a Private Investigator of sorts, and each episode there is a new mystery to solve. I love Bo’s character, not only because she won’t choose a side, but also because she loves all people and doesn’t care what sex they are.

That’s where Lauren comes in. She’s a human and Bo’s doctor. They click very early on, and there is great sexual chemistry between the two:

Lauren + Bo = HOT!

Lauren + Bo = HOT!

Lauren helps teach Bo how to control her gift so she doesn’t end up killing more people. I won’t spoil it for people who might want to watch, but let’s just say these two might get a little “friendly” πŸ˜‰

There’s another human named Kenzi who is HILARIOUS and makes the show all the better. She lives with Bo because Bo saved her life in the first episode. They are partners in crime and BFF’s. There is nothing sexual between them, just a beautiful storyline of the amazing love two people can share within a friendship.

Bo + Kenzi = Sisterly Love

Bo + Kenzi = Sisterly Love

Then there’s also Dyson who falls in love with Bo, and vice versa. He’s a light Fae cop, and I suppose I should post a pic of him too for all the straight girls out there πŸ˜‰ :



You’re probably confused because I said this was about a lesbian storyline, and now there’s this dude and talk of love. Well, it’s more of a bisexual storyline really. There’s a lot of pull from both Lauren and Dyson – and Bo really loves both of them.

Lauren, Bo and Dyson

Lauren, Bo and Dyson

The coolest thing about this is that as an audience member, you find yourself pulling for Dyson one week and Lauren the next, and it doesn’t matter that one is female and the other is male. That’s not even mentioned. I love that because it shows you can be gay or bi or straight, and it’s all normal. No one bats an eye. Dyson may get jealous of Lauren and Lauren of him, but it’s not because of each others sex. It’s because they both love Bo.

If you have ever watched True Blood, you will see some similarities, but trust me, Lost Girl is better than True Blood. It’s funny, it’s sexy and it’s just plain cool! If you haven’t seen it yet, I would highly recommend it!

**All pictures used in this post were found using Google and searching for “Lost Girl pictures”. I do not own or profess to own any of them**

What I’ve Done So Far On My Summer Staycation

Hey everyone! I hope everyone is well and having a great summer. I have just a few more days left of my staycation, and I thought I’d let you see what I’ve been doing:

Went to see the new Harry Potter movie - AWESOME!

Swimming in our pool


Doing Puzzles

And of course, watching my favorite show, Skins:

Oh Emily:)




A few other things I’ve done: walks with D, exercise, went out to eat, watched a lot of TV and movies, mowed the lawn, went food shopping, ate some more, and have just been having an all around fabulously low key vacation. I’ve tried to keep up with reading your blogs, but I’ve been too busy doing nothing:) Back to work Monday. I am looking forward to it. There’s nothing like recharging your batteries!!

I’ll hopefully be back to posting regularly soon!

Lesbian Pop Culture and Dads

I try to stay on top of any shows on TV that have a lesbian character, because I never got to see anything like that growing up, and I’m noticing a trend.

First, I am going to run down a couple of lesbian storylines in case you haven’t seen them.

Story 1:

I’ve talked about UK Skins before, and I will again now, because I think it’s important. Emily Fitch is a lesbian on this show in seasons 3 and 4. She is a twin, and she is very sure that she is in love with Naomi from day one. There was no confusion for her character, which I think is awesome. When she comes out to her parents, she does so in a spectacular fashion. After making love to Naomi and being rejected by her when she says she wants to be open about their relationship, Emily stumbles home, crying, looking a mess. She comes in to her family having dinner. Her mother Jenna, her father Rob, her sister Katie, and her brother James are all there. The conversation goes like this:

James: Ugh. You smell.

Emily: Shut up.

Jenna: What have you been doing?

Emily: Nothing.

Jenna: You look like you’ve been fighting.

Emily: Well, I haven’t. Look, leave me alone.

Jenna: Okay.

Katie: Look mom, I don’t think she wants to talk about it.

Jenna: Well I do. You look like you’ve been roughed up. Is it a boy that’s done this to you?

Emily: It wasn’t a boy.

Katie: See? Now can you just

Emily: (interrupting) It was a girl.

Rob: You’ve been fighting with a girl? That’s not very ladylike.

Emily: No, dad. I’ve been making love to a girl. Okay? Everybody satisfied?

Katie: She’s such a liar.

Emily: Her name’s Naomi. She’s rather beautiful. So I was nailing her.

Her father blows it off as a joke, probably because of the “nailing her” line, but her mom has a glimmer of knowing it was the truth. And her sister clearly knows already, but doesn’t want Emily to say it out loud, because then it will really be true.

Her mom does the normal mom thing in this situation and is in denial about Emily’s sexuality. She tries everything to stop it, even going so far as confronting Naomi and telling her to stop putting ideas into her head. We leave them at the end of season 3 not knowing how her dad feels about it. Then something wonderful happens in season 4. When Emily finds out Naomi cheated (another whole story), she confides in her dad, and he is comforting, and even encourages her to forgive. Meanwhile, her mother is still treating her and Naomi like shit.

Story 2:

Pretty Little Liars is a show on ABC Family. One of the characters, Emily Fields (haha! Watch out Emily’s of the world with last names that begin with F! You may just be a lesbian!) Through series 1 of this show, Emily is hinted at as being gay, and then she falls for a girl named Maya, and she stumbles out of the closet. Her mother treats her like crap, tells her it’s a phase, and goes so far as to get Maya shipped off to what one can only assume is some sort of conversion therapy camp. In series 2, her mother is still a thorn in her side. But her father? The man who is in the military and rigid? He accepts his daughter. He tells her mother he doesn’t necessarily like it, but he opens his arms to Emily and tells her he still loves her.

Story 3:

I Can’t Think Straight is a little indie movie that came out a few years ago. Tala is a lesbian, but has been denying it for years. She is engaged to marry her fourth fiancee. Layla is also a lesbian, but hasn’t really admitted it to herself either and is dating a man. As the story goes on, Layla and Tala have a love affair, but break it off because Tala says they can’t live like that, and that she can’t hurt her fiancee. While away from Tala, Layla finally comes out to her parents, and her mother promptly tells her she is going to hell. Her father tells the mother that’s enough, and tells Layla it’s okay. Later, Tala comes out to her parents and again, her mother rejects her, but her father accepts her.

The story of Tea, the lesbian character on US Skins, is looking to be going in the same direction, although she hasn’t come out to her parents yet.

Can you see the pattern here? In all of these scenarios, the mother rejects and the father accepts the daughter’s sexuality. I have to say, it was the same in my life. When I came out at the age of 20, my mother cried. My father walked in, asked what was going on, we told him, and he said, “so what?”

It makes me wonder if this is true for the majority of lesbians?

I think it would also be interesting to know what happens with gay men. In Glee, Kurt is gay, and his dad accepts him, but his mother died and he’s all Kurt’s got.

If you came out and you are in touch with both of your parents, which was the first to accept you, your father (or stepfather) or your mother?