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Do You Hear What I Hear?

After yesterday, when my boss said from her office “There’s another active shooter,” and I wasn’t phased by it- just curious about where- I have been trying to think of words to express how I am feeling about the subject. Thankfully Alice did it for me! Go check out her blog – it’s a very well-written piece that says exactly how I’ve been feeling.


I realize that today everyone will probably be talking about the same thing.  I’ve tried to avoid it, play with stuffed Snowmen, etc, but it doesn’t go away.  Considering I try hard NOT to watch the highly sensationalized news, it is amazing the kind of stuff you can get from Facebook News.  Oh sure, we hear about the Godless peanut butter Christmas trees with their poop shapes.  The whole world hears it.  It’s on “trending news.” on Facebook.  Guess what else is on there?  Almost every. single. day.  A shooting.

It is so common, it’s on “trending news.”  Trending news.

I sent a text to a friend.

Me: There’s been another shooting.

My friend: Where this time?

Isn’t this sad?  Listen to our words – actually speak them out loud and listen.  “Another shooting.”  “”Where this time?”  That’s how desensitized we are, because this happens as often as political candidates…

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