Protected: The Saturday Sweater

Throwback Thursday! This was originally posted on November 15, 2012. Enjoy!

The Lesbian Next Door

I have a hideous sweater that I actually wore in public  before I realized how hideous it was. (To be fair, my wife never pointed out the fact that it was hideous until I had already worn it out for over a year.) It’s striped. For some reason I always think I will look good in striped shirts – but most of the time I do not. In fact, I had one short sleeved striped shirt that my wife affectionately came to call my “kindergarten shirt”, as I apparently looked like a kindergartener in it. I guess there are worse things to look like, but when I cleaned the closet a month ago, I ended up throwing it away.

Back to the point – I live in the northern US, so there is a need for one to own lots of sweaters. I do, and some of them are…

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I am a 42 year old lesbian, living with her wife in a small town. I have a 24 year old step-son. Who knows, I could be your neighbor ;) (Unless you know for sure your neighbor is not a lesbian - then I'm probably not!)

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