The Great ICK of 2013

D came down with the certified flu on January 4th.Yesterday was the first day she felt like herself again. That’s 10 FREAKING days of ick! We even got our flu shots this year, and she is so pissed! It started out with a sore throat. Then it went to a very bad cough that kept both of us up for several nights (although I am sure it was much worse for her than me 😉 ). Then the body aches and fever kicked in, and by the 6th, she was down for the count! I always know when D is legitimately sick because normally she can’t sit still. This knocked her out so hard that not only did she sleep a lot, but she also missed an entire week of work! I am so proud of her for taking the time to get better, as she would usually go in sick. She told me it wasn’t really a choice, since it knocked her out so bad.

I ended up staying home with her on Monday the 7th and took her into the Dr., where the flu (strain A) was confirmed. It had been more than 48 hours since her symptoms began, so there was not a whole lot they could do except give her some Robitussin with Codeine so she could sleep through the night. That made a world of difference. The fever finally subsided by day seven or eight, but that damn cough held on! And on! And on! She still has somewhat of a cough, but at least she is not having ten minute coughing fits anymore.

Our Dr. then asked why we didn’t come in on the weekend. Huh?  I have lived here for 28 years. For 28 years I have gone to the same practice. How dumb am I that I didn’t know they were open on the weekend?? I thought our only option on the weekend was the ER. Our neighbor came down with the flu at the same time and spent 6 hours in the ER that weekend, only to be told she had a sinus infection. When it still persisted, she went to her regular Doc, who said, yes she had the infection, but she also most likely had the flu and now it has turned into an upper respiratory infection! She was so pissed that they never even tested for the flu! When I heard that, I was very glad we didn’t go to the ER – but  I should have checked with our practice though. I feel bad about it because D may not have suffered as long if we had gotten her in that weekend and gotten her on something.

You may be wondering how I am feeling – having spent 10 whole days with a germ-infested wife – I am healthy as a horse! In general (and I hate to type this out, because I’m sure it won’t always be true), we don’t get what the other one has. We must have opposite immune systems. Back in I 2009, when Big D caught the swine flu, I was lucky enough to get it too, but D stayed healthy. Then, in 2010, when Big D got a nasty stomach bug, she got it and I didn’t. I think this is a great system, so we can always take care of the other one when they are sick!

In any event, I am very glad to have my beautiful, vibrant, charming, non-germ infested wife back. I love you D! So glad it’s just about out of your system!

In other news, this weekend is my 36th and Big D’s 18th birthdays (mine on the 19th, his on the 20th). The older I get the less I am excited about this day – I mean, it’s just another day, right? Big D will be home and there will be way too much cake eaten! Why do I need my own cake? I don’t! But D seems to think I do. Not to mention the cake I will be presented with at work, and the fact that another co-worker shares my birthday – so I will be over-stuffed with cake by Monday! Wish me luck! I guess my resolution to cut out sugar again* needs to wait a few more days!

*I have seriously fallen off the sugar wagon! I feel like I have been eating nothing but sugar since Christmas…I need to really work on this! I have cut it out before, but it’s hard – especially in the winter months!




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I am a 41 year old lesbian, living with her wife in a small town. I have a 23 year old step-son. Who knows, I could be your neighbor ;) (Unless you know for sure your neighbor is not a lesbian - then I'm probably not!)

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  1. Ugh, poor D. And after getting the shot…that’s awful.

    Hope you have a great birthday weekend!

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