Happy New Year and Intuition

Happy New Year Everyone! I hope everyone had a great holiday. I was not feeling well for most of the week, and now D doesn’t feel well either 😦 We both go back to the grind tomorrow. As per usual, we didn’t stay up until midnight last night – mostly because of sickness, but also because we rarely ever stay up anymore. Big D goes back to school on Sunday, and it has been nice to see him – but I think we’re all ready for it.

In other news, my parents and grandmother got in a car accident on Saturday night. Thankfully they are alive. They were rear-ended at stoplight and my dad’s new truck was totaled. My Gram has 4 broken ribs, and is in a lot of pain and my mother has bad brusing on her chest and belly. My dad is okay. They were in Virginia when it happened, and they had to spend the night because all the rental car places were closed. In the meantime, we got slammed with 2 snowstorms back-to-back up here and we have about a foot and half of snow on the ground. My mother had been worried about us – but we know to stay put when we get nailed like that. They were down south with absolutely no weather happening, and they got in an accident. Just goes to show that you can’t predict these things! I’m really glad they are okay, but I haven’t seen them in about 3 months now. They were supposed to come back for Christmas, but the closing on their house was pushed back and they had to stay. Then they were going to come this week, and then the accident happened, so now I have no idea when I will see them again. Gram has to be cleared to travel before that happens. It was so weird not to see them for Christmas. It was the first time in 35 years that I didn’t.

Now on to the intuition part of this post. On Sunday night,  D and I were watching a movie on Netflix called “Jesus Henry Christ”. There is a young red-headed girl in it, and as soon as I saw her she reminded me of our niece, T. The whole movie the kids in the girls’ school were calling her lesbo. About halfway through, I paused it and told D that I thought that T may be a lesbian. I couldn’t shake the feeling. Everytime she would visit, I felt like she and I had this connection – not a physical one – just a connection. She always gravitated toward me, even when I first met her 9 years ago. She recently put a picture up of her and this girl on Facebook, and I just knew. D responded by saying that she wasn’t too sure about T being a lesbian, but she is sure that at least one of her relatives has to be due to the sheer number of them. She also joked that she has been waiting and waiting for one of them to come out already! We finished watching the movie and were about to watch some regular tv when D decided to check Facebook. She gasped and said that her brother sent her a message that said “Have you seen my daughter’s status?” She checked it, and sure enough it said she is in a relationship with this other girl.

I opened my Facebook and saw a message for me too, only it wasn’t from D’s brother, it was from our neice! It said: “Hey I just wanted to send you and D a message saying thank you, even though you haven’t directly done anything, in a way you helped me make it easier to come out. I just started a relationship with this really amazing girl and you both have been really inspirational to me so thank you :)” I couldn’t believe it! We had literally just talked about this a 1/2 hour before! Is that intuition or what?

I was so touched and inspired by her. She is 16 – the same age I was when I was really starting to realize it in myself – only I didn’t have the courage to admit it. I wrote her back: “Thank you T:) We are so proud of you for being who you are. It takes a lot of courage for someone your age to admit this not only to themselves, but to the world. YOU are the inspiration 🙂 I am so glad that we have helped you. We love you. If you ever need someone to talk to, I’m here for you! I wish you the best in your relationship.”

What touched me the most is that she sent the message to me, not D. I know she said “you and D”, but I can’t help but feeling like I am her person. You know? The person every young gay or lesbian kid has. That one person you look up to and wish you could be because they are open and honest about themselves. I’m not saying that D hasn’t inspired her too, I am sure she has a lot!

Something else dawned on me too. The reason I always felt connected to her is because I felt like I was looking at myself when I looked at her. I know what it’s like to know you are gay, and you don’t know if you can or should tell anyone. I am so proud of her for admitting who she is. She has inspired me to write again, and I’d love to write a book and dedicate it to her. We’ll see how that goes! Maybe 2013 will be the year I finally publish a book? 🙂

That’s it for now! Hope everyone is happy and healthy!


About thelesbiannextdoor

I am a 41 year old lesbian, living with her wife in a small town. I have a 23 year old step-son. Who knows, I could be your neighbor ;) (Unless you know for sure your neighbor is not a lesbian - then I'm probably not!)

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  1. Wowza. That is so crazy that you were just talking about it and then her facebook status appeared.

  2. Happy New Year! Sounds like it’s been rather eventful. Glad your family is ok and that you are feeling a bit better. Sorry you gotta go back to work so soon… holidays go by so fast, don’t they? That’s so cool about your niece! L & I have a feeling about her little nephew, but he’s only 10. We’ll see what the future hold. 😉

    Hope you’re enjoying the snow! xo

    • Happy New Year to you too! The break was nice and long and very much needed, but I was ready to get back to work 🙂

      I really do think gaydar is real! We have another niece that I have been waiting to come out for a while! I am positively sure she is a lesbian.

      I’m not quite “enjoying” the snow – but I can’t complain since I asked for it! 😉

  3. I’m so happy to hear your family is OK after that wreck! What a scary thing to happen.
    And how awesome for your niece and to know that you and D played a part by modeling a healthy and happy relationship. So many of us wish we had that in life, and it’s great that your niece actually does.

  4. First, I am very sorry to hear about the accident. I’m glad it wasn’t even worse, but that sucks and I hope they all recover soon.

    Secondly, how wonderful that you and D are in her niece’s life. That’s a great story and great letters back and forth. Awesome.

    • Thank you Strawberry – I am so relieved it wasn’t worse!

      As for T – it was amazing to hear that our relationship has helped her so much. D’s side of the family has been very homophobic in the past, so it’s nice to know we have helped change some minds!

  5. First time reader….Enjoyed your post, though sorry to hear about the accident but glad everyone seems to be basically ok.

    As for D’s niece…how cool is that? Both the synchronicity of your discussing it with D and then getting news of your niece coming out AND your connection with and intuition about her. It’s so good that the two of you are there for her…I think it really makes a difference especially at such a crucial time in a young person’s life. My daughter has a good friend about whom I’m wondering the same thing. I don’t think her family is very gay friendly, so I’ll be watching and waiting to see what transpires over time and hopefully be able to be of some support if it turns out my intuition is on target. She’s a good kid and deserves the chance to grow up feeling good about who she is….

    Anyway thanks for sharing. I imagine I’ll wander back this way again to read more posts. Get better fast and Happy New Year!

    • Thanks so much for stopping by Strollingturtle! I do hope you come back to visit again 🙂

      The whole thing with our niece just makes me see that being open and not hiding who I am is totally worth it 🙂 You never know who you are helping along the way – and it’s great to hear. I am glad to see that if your daughter’s friend is gay and her family doesn’t accept her, that she will have you. That’s an incredible gift to give her!

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