Daily Archives: March 12, 2012

Is that a compliment?

Last week when D and I were at the transfer station (or “the dump” – I know, sexy, right?), we ran into two professors that work at the same college I do. D used to cut one’s hair – we’ll call her Sharon. The other one is eccentric but nice – I’ll call her Janice. Sharon was also the professor of the class D and I took last semester, so she stopped and talked to us for a little bit. Janice didn’t say anything to us, just smiled our way and left.

The next day I sent an email to Janice about setting up a meeting and she wrote back with her response and this: “on a different note, even though it seems you and I have been here forever, when I saw you two at the dump, I thought…such “GIRLS” _  – – I can’t keep fooling myself about ‘looking young’ when I see such beautiful ones right there!  continued joy to you!” I thought, “how nice!” and thanked her for the compliment.

Today she came in for the meeting and started talking about seeing us at the dump again and how we looked so happy and young and like rays of sunshine. Of course that is all nice to hear. Then she started saying that she knows I’ve been here longer than her, and that it was nice to see us smiling and happy because she doesn’t see me that way often because she only sees me when I am working. Uh, what??? First, I have not been here longer than her. Just how old does she think I am? And #2, I am ALWAYS smiling and happy. That is one thing people comment about often – how it never looks like I am grumpy or down. She said, “You’ve been here since Nancy” (my old boss) and I said yes. Then she was like, well I started in 1989 and you started in 1988. So I said, “Um, no, I started as a student in 1995. I was 11 in 1988.” She was giggling and smiling and saying, well I know I saw you back then and I couldn’t believe how young you still look. (Was she not listening? I was 11!)

So now I am not sure if she was complimenting me or saying I was old but looked young – which is sort of a backwards compliment. Can you say awkward?

**As you can tell, I haven’t had a lot of interesting things to blog about lately (thank goodness!) After all the stuff we were going through in the last 6 months with Big D, things have settled way down and life is awesome again. I hope to come up with some more interesting things to post about in the future. Thanks for hanging in there!**