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I Have a Confession to Make

My wife really likes black* women. I’ve known this for a while, but this morning – when I was trying to remember the name of Lisa Bonet’s character on the Cosby Show** (for a crossword puzzle I was doing) – she said “Oh you mean the older daughter? Yeah, I had the biggest crush on her!” I realized then that almost all of her crushes have been black or of mixed race – Jennifer Beals, Alicia Keyes, Lisa Bonet, the character Tasha from The L Word……. (I can’t blame her – they are gorgeous).

I am neither black nor of mixed race. Should I be worried***??

* I don’t mean to offend anyone with my use of the term black. I heard recently that most people despise the term African American. If there is a better term I should be using, please let me know!

**It’s Denise.

*** This post is purely just for fun. While it is true that she likes darker skinned women, I know I am in no danger of losing her to one. I just think it’s  funny that she crushes on these women and I am the whitest white girl she knows 😉

A Note About My Previous Post

Good Morning! Some of you may notice that I took my last post with the sixth chapter of my book down. Well, I didn’t really take it down, I just made it private. If you want to read it and haven’t yet, please comment on this post and I will either put it back up with the same password, or I will send you a special password. Also, if you read it and would like to read more, let me know. I may post a few other chapters under a different password.

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend! Mine was blissful and calm and quiet. My favorite 😉

I don’t really have much else to write. Just checking in.

**UPDATE** I ended up putting it back up under a different password. If you would like the password, email me or comment on this post.

Protected: A Sneak Peek at My Book

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What is it about the spring-like weather…

that makes me want to write? Every spring I just feel like writing! I always want to finish my book. I want to write new stories or start a new book.

This “winter” hasn’t been much of one here. We have had 40 degree weather practically everyday for the last 4 months! We have had almost zero inches of snow fall, and the little that did fall melted very quickly. We had RAIN in January. Rain. In January. Those 3 words have never been uttered by me before because that has absolutely never happened in the 27 years I have lived in this state. We have been able to see our lawn all season (and joked about mowing it)! Our pool isn’t being crushed under 4 feet of snow! And I have to say, I absolutely LOVE it! I wish every winter was this way!

So anyway, back to the point, I am feeling the writing bug again. The only problem is, whenever I go to write a story, it always has lots of sex in it (of the lesbian variety). I don’t want to be a romance writer, but I can’t get away from it!  So my question to all of you is, how much sex is too much sex in a book? How much detail do you like to read? Would you rather read a book that has hints of it, but not graphic descriptions of it? (my scenes are never that graphic) Or do you like books with no sex at all in them?

**I realize I just wrote sex 4 (now 5) times. The pervs that will be coming out of the woodwork will be endless!**

My next question is, what kind of books do you like to read ? My stories always have lesbian characters as the leads……Do you like mystery? Romance? Drama? Am I limiting myself by writing about lesbian characters?

I’d love to know what you all would find interesting in a novel. Maybe that will help guide me where to go from here!


Valentines Day

Last year was the first time I got to send D flowers on Valentines day, and it was a huge debacle! (I wish I knew how to link to it!) To recap: the damn florist used another florist I hate and delivered to her at 3:30 in the afternoon (right before she left for the day).

Anyway, we always say to each other that Valentines Day should be all year round, and we try very hard to make it so. We are always lovey to each other and we let each other know each and every day just how much the other means to us. (I know, yuck, right? 😉 ) So we decided no gifts this year.

Well, I went and got her a heart shaped donut last night, ( I mean, it was only $.97! ) Then she felt the need to run to the store and we we ended up getting each other and Big D some chocolate, but we didn’t do anything else for gifts. I did, however, post this on her Face*book wall this morning:

Happy Valentines Day to the love of my life, my best friend, and the best wife anyone could ask for! I ♥ you baby!

She replied with: You are so sweet! Right back at you, and thank you for all that you do to make my day brighter!!!

Then I got this email:

Stop doing valentines things, we do not need to be reminded that we need to think about one another. We do it every day, some days better than others. ;o)

You keep renigging on our deal, you dumb ass!!

LOL! I assure you, she means dumb ass in the nicest way! So I won’t go into a long, gushy post about my wife and how much I love her today and everyday – because, well,  I am not a dumb ass.

I will simply say Happy Valentines Day to all my bloggy friends (single and attached). I hope your days are bright and happy – today and everyday!

Is there anything more annoying…..

than someone obsessively humming and/or whistling the same four notes over and over for a few HOURS??????

Welcome to my morning. My boss has been doing that all morning and it’s driving me NUTS!!!



Something to make you giggle

Enough with the woe is me, I’m losing my mind crap!

Have any of you ever gone to Damn*you*auto*correct*dot*com? If you haven’t, it is probably the funniest thing on the interwebs and you must go check it out now!

Anyway, I thought with all my bitching and moaning lately, I should give you something to smile about. So here is a clean but very funny autocorrect:

There are way funnier ones out there, but this one made me chuckle and I was sure it wouldn’t offend any of you – unless of course you have an aversion to flamingos!

Here is another one that is not as clean (but hopefully still won’t offend):


Okay, I had to add a raunchier one too:


So there you go! I hope you at least chuckled a little over those and forgive me for my whiny blogs of late!

Versatile Blogger!

A HUGE thanks to Liz over at who nominated me for the Versatile Blogger award!

Here are the rules:

  • add the Versatile Award pic on your blog post (Check!)
  • thank the blogger who nominated you (Check!)
  • share 7 random things about yourself (Below!)
  • nominate 15 fellow bloggers (Below!)
  • inform the bloggers of their nomination (to come)

7 random things about me:

  • I must wear hard bottomed slippers in the house. If I don’t, I stub my toes! (and I swear I broke my pinky toes a few times doing this!)
  • When I was a kid, I used to dip my pizza crust in Coke before I ate it. (sounds gross, but I swear it was delicious!)
  • I used to want to be actress when I grew up, or a Private Investigator (I know, they are practically the same thing, right? 😉 )
  • My favorite snack is popcorn with a Hershey’s chocolate bar to eat with it.
  • I have an unusual talent to remember lines from movies and TV shows, yet have trouble with linking names and faces of some students I see everyday. (granted – there are hundreds of names to remember and they only have to remember mine)
  • Taking walks with my wife is my favorite form of exercise. (I lost 20 lbs when we began doing this several years ago, and have kept it off! I now sit nicely in the normal BMI range)
  • My home is my sanctuary and I love nothing more then to be there with my wife and son. (I know, exciting stuff, right?)

Below are the 15 bloggers I have nominated for this award. I love all of their blogs, and I know you will too! I have laughed with them, cried with them, and felt the greatest joy (and sometimes extreme sadness) for them.

(Since I cannot figure out how to link their blogs in the body of the message, I hope you will be kind enough to check them out by clicking the link in my Blogroll to the right. Bless my little techy soul!)

Without further ado, they are (in alpha order):

  • 1 in Vermillion
  • Breathe, Dragon!
  • Crazy Lesbian Mom
  • Eeney Meeney Miney Mommy
  • Insert Metaphor
  • Little Pomegranate Seed
  • Looking for a little turtle
  • Mamma and Mummy
  • New Space, Fresh Start
  • Raz-ma-Taz
  • Reproducing Genius
  • Small Obsessions
  • Table for One
  • The Adventures of Chunk and Mommy
  • The Bloject

If you have not already done so – I urge you to visit these awesome blogs! (along with all the others on my blogroll) These women are amazing!

Thank you again Liz!! What an honor!