Well, it happened!

Little D asked to take the car out last night! When he called to tell me he was home from school, he asked if he could take it when I got home. We knew this day would come soon, but it made me nervous for just a second. Then I got over it.

It was so cute, he wanted to go to a softball game at our elementary school, and then to watch a donkey basketball game at the high school. (Yes, they ride donkeys and play basketball:)) Both schools are within a mile radius of our house. I told him as long as he wasn’t going joy riding on the back roads in the dark, and he didn’t let anyone ride with him, it was fine with me. D gave him “the rules” lecture when she got home, so as soon as I came in the door, he was out!

We watched him drive out of the driveway and we just looked at each other and smiled. We can’t believe our son is old enough to drive! It just blows our minds! We’re OLD!!

He came back safe and sound at about 8:30 last night, and he was flying:) He was so excited to be able to drive himself, and believe me, so are we! It’s nice not to have to go get him and chauffeur him around town.

Our little boy is growing up!

He has already said that tomorrow he wants to practice in D’s car (it’s a standard) and then on Saturday he is going to drive her car to her parents house (an hour and 40 minute drive)!

I think this is awesome, of course, because then he will be able to take her car once in a while and not just mine.

I’m so happy for him! This year – driving. Next year – college!

It’s going so fast, yet I am excited about the life changes ahead, including the much lower grocery bill and more time alone with my wife:)

Life is good:)


About thelesbiannextdoor

I am a 41 year old lesbian, living with her wife in a small town. I have a 23 year old step-son. Who knows, I could be your neighbor ;) (Unless you know for sure your neighbor is not a lesbian - then I'm probably not!)

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  1. Yay! I’m glad he got up the courage–and donkey basketball sounds amazing. I wish they did that around here!

  2. Haha! Yeah, they’ve always done donkey basketball at the high school since I was a kid. It is really funny to watch your friends and teachers try to play! He said they were all laughing so hard!

  3. Donkey basketball!! That is a sight I have never seen but it sounds hilarious!! 🙂 I just have to ask…when you got in your car this morning, was the music blaring??? I always forgot to turn it down 🙂 haha!

  4. It is hilarious! I don’t know where they came up with it! Actually, no, the music was at the level I left it. Realistically, he only drove for maybe 3 minutes altogether, if that, so I don’t think he had enough time to listen to music…but it’s definitely something I could see in the future!

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