It’s Been a While

I’m Baaaacckkk! Okay, so I’ve been back from vacation for a week now, but everything has been so busy I didn’t get a chance to write.

Nothing much new to report. Everything is still going okay with my parents, nephew and gram. Vacation was nice – and the last week of it with my wifey was wonderful. We stayed around, but we did some things we normally don’t – ate out A LOT, went to see 2 movies, and went bowling. May not sound exciting to some, but it was just what we needed – some quiet family time!

Little D is going to be playing football this year – now we just have to get him to STAY playing football. He is not much for keeping the commitment to sports. We have made him think about it long and hard this summer, and told him that if he starts, there is no way we are letting him quit. It costs too much for him to just go a few times and then quit. He agrees that he will stick with it. Practice starts Monday with two practices everyday next week, one at 7:00am and one at 5:00pm. Getting him up early again will probably be a challenge. He has never been the type of kid to sleep in, he was always up at 6:30 or 7:00 everyday, even on weekends and during the summer. For some reason, he hit 15, and BOOM! He sleeps until noon! All summer, when we were home, we were worrying that he died because he slept so late! Sometimes we would go upstairs and close the bathroom door a little hard to see if he would wake up:) You don’t always want to go barging into a 15 year old boy’s room in the morning, (if you know what I mean) even if you can’t hear anything happening – so making some more noise helped to get him out and about. I’m sure he’ll be a little cranky next week with all that work and getting up early. It may be messy in casa de TLND:)

He’s definately hit his teenage grumpy years. Most days he’s fine, but some days you cannot even ask him a question! Ugghh! I try to remind myself of what I was like as a teenager, and I am sure I was not all roses and rainbows:) Most people who visit this blog have very little ones, so I’m pretty sure you don’t understand just yet – and I hope you don’t have to either!:)

Wow, I wrote a lot more than I thought I was going to…..better stop now and get back to work! Hope everyone has a fabulous day!


About thelesbiannextdoor

I am a 41 year old lesbian, living with her wife in a small town. I have a 23 year old step-son. Who knows, I could be your neighbor ;) (Unless you know for sure your neighbor is not a lesbian - then I'm probably not!)

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